“Fresh ingredients and bold flavors that you can feel good about without breaking the bank.”
The Hungry Group

Serving foodie dreams, bite after bite

Emerging from the dynamic Pittsburgh restaurant scene, The Hungry Cowgirl, steered by Vince and Gretchen, reshaped fast food with its distinctive blend of convenience, affordability, and gastronomic delight. Now evolving into a versatile virtual restaurant group, we are embracing technology and a spirit of continuous experimentation, fundamentally redefining the dining experience. We constantly explore novel brand concepts, placing our customers at the heart of this transformation, their input shaping our evolution. Our vision is to craft a platform that encapsulates diversity, ease, and high culinary standards while maintaining affordability and quality. As we pioneer this new phase of the restaurant dining experience, we invite you to join us on this journey into the future of dining, where diverse options, cutting-edge convenience, and technology unite, offering a culinary experience that is constantly innovating, powered by the community we serve.

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